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Christy Jemail and horse
Christy Jemail and horse


I get excited about the process of understanding, the moment when the light comes on for a horse – or an owner.


Horsemanship encompasses communication skills, physical skills, sensitivity, feel, timing, and the management of one’s own emotions. I love working with clients who are excited about the process of building and refining these skills,and of learning to understand their horses; clients who understand that the change first has to come from within, and who are excited about taking on the joys and challenges of this path.


I love working with all horses, and find it especially rewarding to work with those who are very sensitive and those who have trust issues. It’s deeply satisfying to help an owner understand why the horse is responding the way he or she is, and how adjusting your approach is the first step in supporting the changes you want to see them make.


I offer private lessons and group lessons, and would be glad to talk with you about your specific needs.

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