I've been wanting to develop a deeper relationship with my horses, as I've always had a feeling that no matter how excellent my trainers were, there was still an element missing. With Christy, not only have we solved some long-standing problems, but my horses and I are communicating much more clearly and with a lot less effort. I recommend this approach to anyone interested in gaining more respect from and mutuality with their horses.

Liz Williams
Boulder, CO

Christy has worked with both my daughter and with me, on trailer loading and groundwork. My daughter has a somewhat nervous horse that was having a very difficult time loading safely, or at all, for that matter. Within 2 hours Christy had him paying attention, calmly walking on and off the trailer, and generally more at ease with the entire process. Not only did she achieve great results with the horse, but clearly communicated what was needed to my then 13 year old daughter who can now load him no matter what the mood or circumstances. Christy is a warm, caring, skilled individual who I would recommend absolutely.

Virginia Carr
Boulder, CO

What do you get when you put a green rider, an abused horse and Christy Jemail together?....A MIRACLE! When I rescued my abused six year old Arabian, Peter Pan, in the fall of 1999 most felt I had lost my mind. He was so severely traumatized as to be unrideable much of the time and as I had only been riding a year, I lacked almost everything necessary to rehabilitate him...except love and Christy. With a wisdom that goes beyond words and a patience that deserves a medal, she painstakingly brought us through the reactive darkness of distrust and fear into the place of trust and peace. In less than three months the true Pan began to show himself; in six months people were beginning to notice the difference and at the end of the first year he was a new horse, the horse he was always meant to be!! Christy's natural gift with horses and people combined with her Equinimity Program saved Pan's life and brought the best out in both of us. We never ride without her!

Mimi Shannon
Malibu, CA

I first met Christy 10 years ago when she was recommended to me for help in getting my Quarter Horse to load in the trailer. He had been a one-man ranch horse all his life and was the last horse my Dad ever broke. Pepper had loaded just fine for Dad until he experienced an accident where the mat slipped and he fell, injuring his head. Consequently, he was deathly afraid of getting in the trailer and once he was in he was a nervous basket case, calling loudly and shaking the trailer and arriving at our destination a hot lathered mess, even after just a few miles on the road.

Luckily for me it turned out that Christy loves the challenge of working on a problem. She gave me many techniques to use to work on getting Pepper comfortable not only with getting in the trailer but also with going along for the ride. It took a lot of work and persistence, but Pepper loads reliably every time now, without hesitation, and is completely relaxed when we get there.

After that, Pepper and I began taking regular lessons with Christy, later with my daughter’s Haflinger/Morgan cross. One of the greatest things about lessons with Christy is that she finds a way to turn every experience into a unique learning opportunity for both rider and horse. I find that every lesson with her provides tools for working with horses in a positive manner that gets results.

Christy is great fun to be with, and I especially enjoy hearing her philosophy on life and horses and how the two interface. She is such a kind, insightful person, with people and horses alike, and a real pleasure to learn from.

Carmen Porter
Louisville, CO

Christy has helped us transform a young horse with attitude into a willing partner. Her deep respect and love for the horse's spirit and character shine through all her work, and she brings freshness and enthusiasm to the training techniques.

Nan deGrove
Boulder, CO

In the years I've worked with Christy and the Equinimity program, I have discovered there is so much more than simply getting on horses and riding. Christy offers a very supportive method of training for you - and your horse. She has helped me solve the minor problems I've had, as well as the major ones. Because of her program, I have a deeper, more enriched relationship with my horses. I highly recommend Christy to anyone who wants a better understanding of their horse.

Laurie Ronan
Erie, CO

Christy is one of those unusual trainers who is not only great with horses, but with people as well. Her calm and patient style of working with horses and their owners is full of compassion and unconditional positive regard that puts everyone at ease. Her vast knowledge and skill holds both horse and handler accountable for their actions and behaviors, but never in a heavy-handed or critical way. It’s obvious she not only loves her work with the horses, but they love their work with her as well, and this mutual appreciation is contagious when you’re a part of it!

Kate Johnson

I have worked with Christy in many situations, but particularly with regard to my horse's ground manners, ensuring that she respects my space and doesn't crowd me when she becomes anxious. Christy's quiet, confident demeanor gets very quick results without the use of excessive force. She always gives the horse an opportunity to respond to a "good deal" before firming up if that becomes necessary. This is one of the things I have learned from her that I consider very valuable. Gaining my mare's respect has been critical to staying safe when she spooks, which she is prone to do. Good horsemanship is a lifetime pursuit and I feel that there is always something I can learn from Christy.

Julie Rudy
Boulder, CO

What I love most about Christy as a trainer is her gift for that ineffable quality horsemen call “feel.” To watch Christy work, on the ground or in the saddle, is to see magic in action, the magic of connecting with a horse in their own subtle language. She makes it look effortless, a step here, a gesture there, an almost imperceptible shift in energy, and the horse is doing exactly as she asks in respectful partnership.

My girl, Constance, is a rescued OTTB mare, about as light and sensitive as they come. The first time I saw Christy work with a horse, I thought: That’s it. That’s how I want to be for Connie, and I’m so grateful for Christy’s continuing guidance to help me become that person. There is a saying that you can’t be one kind of person at the barn and another kind of person away from it. Christy understands that everything you do with your horse carries over into your life -- every joy, every challenge, every time you step up -- and it’s an honor to learn from someone who embodies that level of integrity.

Pamela Taylor
Longmont, CO