True horsemanship is a continuing journey, a path of personal growth in which assumptions are challenged, inner resources are discovered, and joys you never imagined come into your life. Equinimity was founded to support and encourage you and your horse on that journey.

Christy Jemail and horse

I’ve been honored to guide people from all skill levels and walks of life to a deeper understanding of how to increase confidence, build trust, encourage willingness, and inspire respect in their equine partners. By learning to understand your horse’s natural responses and temperament, by developing your own skills and awareness, and by building a shared language of communication, you can develop a loving, mutually respectful relationship with your horse, one in which he or she looks to you as a trusted leader and partner.

Christy Jemail

I’ve been asked how I would describe the ideal horse/human relationship, and that question always makes me think of a story I once heard about Ray Hunt – that when he rode by his pasture, his horses would come up to greet him just to be with him, just for a touch. Whether you are a beginner or have been working with horses for many years, whether your horse is a companion or a partner in competition, if that’s the kind of relationship you long for, please let me know how I can help you.

--Christy Jemail

The Ultimate Hoofpick™

In addition to training I offer several high-quality hoofpicks that will last a lifetime.

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